Specials, Coupons & Promotions

German Village Veterinary Hospital offers coupons and promotions from time to time for services for your dog or cat. You can find our current list of specials here. We are also updating our Monthly Specials, so check back often!

Tell A Friend About Us!

If you are an established client with us and you refer someone new to our clinic, we will add a $10 credit to your account at the time of their first appointment!

Start 2019 with a clean, healthy pet mouth!

We will be offering 15% off of our dental cleanings for the months of January and February. We recommend a dental for pets at least once a year. Imagine not being able to brush your teeth for a year!

When your pet has a dental cleaning, he/she will spend the majority of the day here with us. Your veterinarian will perform a pre-surgical examination. Your pet will then be given a pre-med (to help them relax) prior to having an IV catheter placed and placed under general anesthesia. Throughout the dental cleaning, they will have their EKG, blood pressure and anesthesia monitored by a veterinary assistant, a licensed veterinary technician, and the veterinarian. Their teeth will be cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler, above and below the gum line. Their teeth will be polished and given a fluoride treatment. Each individual tooth is inspected and documented in your pet’s medical record. Any broken, loose or unhealthy teeth may be extracted and your pet would be given pain medication. Antibiotics may also need to be given. After our caring staff helps your pet recover from anesthesia, they usually go home the same night.

 We now carry
Feline Bravecto!

Feline Bravecto is a topical flea and tick prevention that lasts for 12 weeks! You just apply between the shoulder blades of your cat and they will be protected for 3 months!
Receive a $15 rebate if your purchase 2 doses!
Ask out staff for details on how to get your pet started on Feline Bravecto!

Heartworm, Flea and Tick Promotions!

Stock up on prevention for your pet to keep them protected from fleas, ticks and heartworm disease all year long!

Bravecto Canine: Chewable flea and tick prevention that lasts for 12 Weeks! Buy 2 doses, receive a $15 mail
in rebate!
Trifexis: Monthly chewable heartworm and flea prevention. Buy 6 doses, receive a $10 mail in rebate. Buy 12 doses, receive a $50 mail in rebate!
Interceptor Plus: Once a month chew that prevents heartworms and treats/controls roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms! Receive a mail in rebate of $5 for 6 doses, $15 off 12 doses!

Did you know that even indoor cats are not safe from heartworms?

A study has shown that 27% of cats diagnosed with the disease were considered to be indoor only. Heartworms can very difficult to diagnose in cats and sometimes by the time it is discovered, the damage is already done. (Bayer, 2015)

advantage-multi-catsPrevention all year round is key to help keep your feline friends healthy and happy!

Advantage Multi not only prevents heartworm disease, it also prevents fleas, hookworm, roundworm, and ear mites. It is a monthly preventative that is simply placed between the shoulder blades of the cat.

FREE Initial Exam

We offer free initial exams for those clients who adopt a pet from Pets Without Parents, Franklin County Dog Shelter, and Citizens for Humane Action. Exam must be within 14 days of adoption. Please bring records and/or adoption contract with the adoption date on it. Print off the voucher and bring it in for your pet’s FREE exam.

voucher coupon

The exam is free, but any other services would be at an additional cost.

We are currently only able to offer free exams to pets adopted from the shelters listed above because we work with these shelters.