Wellness Exams/Health Certificates

wellness exams

Our wellness exams for cats, dogs, and other lovable pets consist of a full head to toe exam. Our doctors will examine the following:

  • Eyes: to look for signs of disease; discharge or tearing; abnormal movement or reaction to light.
  • Ears: to look for signs of ear infection (pain, tenderness, redness, swelling, “yeasty” smell and discharge; mites).
  • Mouth: to look for signs of periodontal disease in teeth and gums; gingivitis; bad breath.
  • Heart: to listen for weak or abnormal heart sounds; an abnormally fast or slow rate; and irregular beats.
  • Lungs: to listen for wheezing, crackling, or other abnormal lung sounds.
  • Abdomen: to feel for any irregularities in the margins of the liver, spleen, kidneys, and bladder; masses or tumors; thickened intestines.
  • Lymph Nodes and Thyroid Glands: to feel for any irregularities or changes in size.
  • Legs: to look for limited range of motion in all limbs; signs of pain or discomfort; grinding sound in joints.
  • Base of Tail: to look for any abscesses; abnormalities in anal glands; fecal mats; evidence of soft stools; growths; parasites, like tapeworm segments and flea dirt.

After the vet does his or her exam, we will gather you a treatment plan with recommendations and go over it with you. This helps you determine how aggressive you would like to be with treatment for your cat or dog and you will know the prices of services prior to us doing them.

Our puppy/kitten exams consist of all of the above, plus we will provide a complementary nail trim to help them get accustomed to it.

We are happy to provide you with a health certificate for your pet’s travel. Please make sure you contact the airlines for requirements. We will do a full physical exam and provide you with the needed paperwork. For international health certificates, please call us to find out more information.