veterinary surgery

We offer a variety of surgical procedures for cats and dogs at German Village Veterinary Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Some of the more common ones are listed below. Our vets understand how nerve wrecking the thought of putting your pet under anesthesia can be. This is why we take extra measures in our surgical protocol to provide the best care for your dogs and cats. Our doctors will do a physical exam and blood work prior to any surgical procedures to look for any abnormalities or anesthetic contraindications.

All of our surgical patients have an IV catheter placed, are hooked up to fluids, heart rate is monitored both manually and through an EKG, blood pressure, respiration rate, and temperature are all monitored as well. In addition our veterinarians will develop an anesthetic protocol specific to your pet’s needs.

  • Front Paw Declaw: See declawing page
  • Mass removal: Pets will sometimes develop lumps and bumps as they age. We will typically do diagnostics on these masses to determine what type of mass it is and whether it needs to be removed or not. These masses can be cancerous or benign (harmless). For mass removals we do all of the listed above, plus appropriate medications to take home for recovery.
  • Cystotomy: This procedure consists of removing bladder stones in cases where they form. Recovery is similar to that of a spay as it is an abdominal incision.

We do other surgeries as well, call our veterinarians if you have any questions about a particular procedure.