Declaw (Onychectomy)


There is a lot of controversy over declawing cats. German Village Veterinary Hospital feels that it is an owner’s decision that should take into account how the cat behaves at home, on a case by case basis. Our vets believe that if a cat is destructive with scratching, declawing may be a better option than for the cat to be surrendered or homeless. It is understandable that an owner wouldn’t want their house destroyed. On the other hand, there are many cats that use scratching posts and do well with regular nail trims. Again we respect the owner’s decision and will provide what information we can to help.

We only do front paw declaws. Pain management is very important since it is an amputation of the end bones of the cat’s toes/digits. Our vets will give your cat a pain injection and send home with two different oral pain medications. It is our goal to keep your pet comfortable during recovery. We use the scalpel blade technique. Your cat will stay in our hospital at least one night. On the second day we remove the bandages and make sure the paws are healing okay and give your cat the opportunity to clean up their paws. You will need to use special litter for about 10 days following the procedure. We will send this home with you as part of the surgery.